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We can help your businesses leverage blockchain technologies to resolve a wide variety of issues:

  • Track and transfer assets as data
  • Protect and validate business operations
  • Process secure payments
  • Verify identities
Our team of software professionals deliver high quality blockchain solutions by understanding every layer of the blockchain stack—from smart contracts to underlying data structures, and the manipulations that make them work.
Technologies we use
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Blockchains are not one-size-fits-all

We help businesses discover and deliver custom blockchain solutions uniquely suited to their needs. Our iterative and collaborative approach is designed to minimize surprises and maximize impact.


We start each engagement with a research and assessment phase to ensure we understand your business goals as well as your existing system's capacity to embrace new innovations.

Business Goals: We meet with various stakeholders across your business to understand the impact blockchain technologies could have.

Technical Discovery: We dive into your technical infrastructure and analyze existing architecture, code, testing, and delivery processes to better understand where blockchain technologies could provide value either by replacing or integrating with existing workflows and systems.


We synthesize our research into recommendations, and meet with your business and technical experts to develop use cases for how blockchain technologies could impact your business.

We build detailed project plans for selected use cases, including:

  • Defining objectives

  • Identifying timelines, milestones, and checkpoints

  • Devising a risk mitigation plan

  • Building out system architecture diagrams and low-fidelity storyboards to guide development efforts

After building a portfolio of potential use cases, we meet with your stakeholders to prioritize the projects based on expected return on investment and cost-benefit analysis for both short- and long-term goals.


We begin developing your highest-priority use case, gathering feedback from live users within your team.

8th Light’s software professionals deliver working software through an iterative, agile process that incorporates feedback at every stage of development.

Our iterative development process allows us to maintain a sharp focus on fulfilling a specific use case, and it also offers value that reverberates to other work as well. If we decide to pivot our Proof of Concept to a slightly different use case or start a brand new one altogether, we will always leave each iteration with a core asset of functioning software that we can leverage toward future development and trials.


Having already incorporated feedback from key stakeholders and internal users, we will launch the working Proof of Concept application to external users, and begin measuring the possible impact of this product in the market and at scale.

At the conclusion of this phase, we will have a fully workable software product that has undergone extensive user testing. We will have sufficient data to determine the viability and market impact of the product, and can either release the product to the public, move on to building a new Proof of Concept that tests the next use case, or both.

Successful Blockchain Projects

We've helped clients leverage blockchain tools in a variety of ecosystems

We work closely with developers in the Ethereum ecosystem to develop a cryptographically verified caching layer for this widely used public blockchain.
What we did
  • Managed infrastructure for engaging with large-scale public blockchain networks
  • Connected the dots of activities happening on the blockchain across time and space
  • Developed reliable and extensible solutions that are easy to maintain and change
International Import/Export Bank
8th Light is working alongside an electronic interbank lending market to create a private ledger of trading activity, a custom, non-fungible token system to reward and incentivize trades in their market, and a repository to maintain transactional activity and balances of these tokens.
What we did
  • Deployed custom blockchains for safely and verifiably recording core business activities
  • Constructed smart contracts to tailor blockchain technologies to concrete use cases
  • Built simple user interfaces to enable participation from across the business
Maker DAO
The team behind MakerDAO, who are working a multi-collateralized version of their stablecoin, is working with 8th Light to build a window into their suite of decentralized applications running on the Ethereum blockchain, helping users understand how automated smart contracts interact to produce predictable and reliable outcomes for their business.
What we did
  • Optimized for fast access to high-priority information as soon as it’s available
  • Distilled disparate and arcane data into reports that are readable to everyday users
  • Spotlighted important events and publishing verifiable reports to interested parties

Can I really trust the blockchain?

Learn how blockchains leverage cryptography and consensus protocols to mathematically guarantee that your data is valid and secure.
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