Your Strategic Playbook for DevOps Victory

DevOps has become the backbone of modern software development, crucial for delivering high-quality products and keeping customers happy. However, the journey to DevOps success is often laden with challenges that can slow your company down and impede progress. 

In this guide, we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of getting your executives on board, tackling technical debt, and navigating the cultural shifts that come along with adopting DevOps. We’ll show you how to build a strong case for why DevOps is the way to go, and give you practical tips and strategies for continuously improving your processes. 

Explore our expert advice on navigating the DevOps journey.

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In this free guide, you'll:

8L_Single_Spark_Black Get a solid understanding of why DevOps is so important in today’s software development world and how it can help you deliver quality products that keep your customers coming back for more.
8L_Single_Spark_Black Learn tried-and-true strategies for getting executives on board with DevOps and crafting a compelling case for it’s adoption.
8L_Single_Spark_Black Discover practical tips for tackling technical debt head-on so it doesn’t slow down your DevOps progress.
8L_Single_Spark_Black Explore real-world approaches to navigating the cultural shifts that come with DevOps, helping you create a more collaborative and improvement-focused mindset within your company.
8L_Single_Spark_Black Gain valuable insights into how to overcome common DevOps challenges and turn potential roadblocks into opportunities for boosting efficiency, teamwork, and overall success. 


Meet a few of our experts ...


Amanda Graham

Senior Director
of Strategic Solutions

As Senior Director of Strategic Solutions, Amanda is a proactive software development leader and partner. She provides technical leadership and partners with new accounts to achieve success.


Shawn Horvatic


Shawn Horvatic serves as a software delivery lead at 8th Light, bringing 10 years of experience specializing in DevOps, engineering, and software development.


Travis Frisinger


Serving as a Principal Crafter, Travis Frisinger brings a career of solving complex problems, fostering technological advancements, and creating clean, maintainable code.

Ben Jakuben
"We have been very pleased with how our 8th Light team members have helped and performed. They have all been great additions to the team, learning quickly, giving great advice and code reviews, and improving our systems and our culture."

—Ben Jakuben, Director of Engineering, AllCampus

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