Is Web3 for Me?

Web3, cryptocurrency, and blockchains have been in our lexicon for years, but there's still little agreement on their advantages and applications. In this short overview, we bring some clarity to the space — defining key terms, exploring new use cases, and reviewing the new paradigm's fundamentals so you're prepared to make confident and proactive business decisions.

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In this free guide, you'll:


Learn key terms in the blockchain and web3 space.


Explore business use cases and opportunities for web3 technologies.


Review the new paradigm's fundamentals and the additional considerations you should account for.

"Creators today need the impossible dream: A tech development firm that understands the mercurial cycles of building something new, across a paradigm shift in consumption from web2 to web3, while dealing with all the vagaries of a market shifting to figure out what’s next. For me, there is no question: 8th light is that firm."

—Genevieve Thiers, Founder,, Founder and CEO,

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